Anatomy in Motion can change how your body moves in a matter of minutes

 Below is an example of the change that can be created within a 2 hour session with Anthony. Note the difference in the spine bending to the left. There was no manual therapy done to his spine. We focused on getting him to move his centre of mass differently over his left foot and his body was able to respond by correcting how his spine bent to the left resulting in a nice left curve in the video in right column.  



Anatomy in Motion is a movement oriented education system. It is based on what the body does and when it does it. What I mean by that is what joints do, in what dimension of movement and in what time, for instance in our gait cycle
— Gary Ward creator of Anatomy in Motion

With Anatomy in Motion when you show the body how to access movements it is missing, it provides more choice allowing the body to do what it needs to. The brain seems to notice the upgrade in efficiency and pain can change quiet quickly and performance naturally enhances.


More About Anatomy in Motion

Our brains have a memory of every injury and trauma we have ever sustained. Past injuries and traumas will generally show up in your movement and can be observed in your walking gait. A big picture approach is that the brain has choices. The way people use their bodies in their daily routines has a repetitive nature, operating in fixed patterns and habit of movement. Let's take the example of you rolling your ankle off the side of a step, you are instantly going to start hobbling around to protect the system resulting in you moving and walking differently. The choice essentially becomes no choice but to move the way we move until we show the body another way. If we are able to give a person better choices for their movement, then they are going to move better. People instantly feel taller, feet start to move better, joints find better alignment, length-tension relationships of the muscles change and there is an overall lightness in the body.

To observe footage of Gary Ward's use of Anatomy in Motion with Ray from BBC's "Doctor In The House" in November 2015, click here


What is the Flow Motion Model™

It's the description of what he body does and when it does it. It is a detailed description of each joint motion in all 3 dimensions in each phase of gait in each step in the human gait cycle. The unique thing about gait is that over a period of 0.6 and 0.8 seconds, which is the duration of a single footstep for most people, we should see that every single joint motion should take place in that small amount of time.

Every joint motion has relationships up and down the body. So the relationships to the foot and the knee, knee to hip, the shoulder, the arm... each phase becomes like a roadmap to what should be happening in which segment of the human body at what time. We can observe a person's gait cycle or their posture and observe the missing motions, all with the goal of giving us informtion as to what to do next. What we notice is that by identifying what is missing, we can use movement creating an experience. The brain seems to notice the upgrade in efficiency and pain can change quiet quickly and performance naturally enhances.

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