I want to help Ambitious and Health conscious people around Ireland invest in long term health & lasting change.


To show my commitment, I want to share something I value dearly, my time, with you, for unlimited* access for a year for the price of a coffee a day. A discount of over 8K.

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        The ultimate solution for resolving pain and revolutionising your health.

        This program leaves no stone un turned in optimising your Overall health. 

        What you get:

        • Pain Education & Empowerment 
        • Postural Correction
        • Mobility and Joint Health
        • Movement potential to optimise performance
        • Breath work and Stress Awareness
        • How to work with the Nervous System and not against it
        • 5 days a week online email support
        • Personalised video material
        • Access to catalogue of support material
        • Access to private Facebook group with like minded people

        Types of appointments you can avail OF:

        1. 2 hour Anatomy in Motion 
        2. 90 min Pain & Neuroscience Education
        3. 45 - 60 min Zero Balancing
        4. 45 - 60 min Integrate Cranial
        5. 90 min Integrated touch 

        Terms & Conditions

        1. Clinic opening days are Tuesday's, Thursday's, Friday's and a minimum of one Saturday a month.
        2. Clinic will not be available Monday or Wednesday's.
        3. Unlimited*Access is based on average clinic attendance of once per week.
        4. In respect to other customers, appointments cannot be booked multiple slots in advance, however you can book your following appointment at the end of the session you have attended. 
        5. Payment is non refundable. It is our recommendation to attend a standard 2 hour clinic session prior to committing yourself to this process. 
        6. To maximise your development it is your own responsibility to engage and follow up with Anthony throughout this process.
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