Anthony’s sessions are 2hrs long and SO WORTH IT!!! For the amount of expertise and care he goes into analysing your underlying problems, you walk away feeling more empowered and with a better understanding to your own body mechanics. I would highly recommend him for everyone who wants to move better and live a life with less pain.
— Kaman Ryan - Head Coach at Strive Studio (Aug' 18)

I went to Anthony after years and years of foot pain. He spent considerable time assessing my basic movements and gave me some movements to improve the way my feet moved, which improved my feet dramatically. I had been told by physios I needed orthotics in order to walk without pain, however now I am very comfortable walkinh barefoot without any pain after Anthony’s sessions and practising the movements he gave me. Anthony is clearly very passionate about what he does and that shows in his session. Much thanks Anthony.
— Niamh (Aug '18)

I’d highly recommend Anthony to anyone with any pain. I’ve suffered with pain in my calf for over 3 years. This year it got so bad that I just couldn’t run regularly and missed so many events. Two sessions with Anthony and I feel like a new man. Best advise Anthony gave me was ‘leave your frustration at the door and work with me’, I’m so glad I did that. I am pain free for a month now and back enjoying my running. Anthony explained everything he was doing so that helped me understand the issues. On top of it all, he is a gent to deal with and the follow up mails and advise was phenomenal. Thanks Anthony
— Jason - Marathon Runner (Feb ' 18)

Hi Anthony,
I just want to let you know how well I’m doing after only two visits with you.
This will be the first Xmas I will be pain free in a very long time. Looking back now I realise I was in chronic pain for two years with my legs, the pain started a few yrs before, but gradually got worse in left leg especially.
Once I do the few light excercises that you showed me, I am pain free. This is truly amazing! As my job is standing, I really thought I’d have to change my occupation.
I cannot thank you enough for your help. And I am recommending you to anyone I meet who suffers with pain.
Thanks again
— Shelly - Hairdresser (Jan '18)

Highly recommend Anthony. Went to him earlier this year for issues with persistent muscle “stiffness” and hip “tightness”. The time is spent in the first session to try get to the bottom of the issue you have.Wheras I’d been spending lots of time(and lots of cash) on physio without getting any real benefits. Was given a few different movements to try and they worked well. Haven’t been to the Physio once since I attended Anthony’s clinic. That’s a result for me.
— Darragh - Professional Linesman (Dec' 17)

I went to Anthony after a year with an injury that was stopping me run. Anthony spent considerable time assessing by basic movement and was able to help me make a few minor adjustments but considerably improved my posture and movement. The results were very quick and I got back running pain free the day after my session.
— Paul - (Dec '17)

Can’t recommend Anthony any higher. I was amazed with how quickly Anthony was able to find the problem or in my case problems and the solution with my knee and movement. He was able to explain in simple terms that i could understand as to where the problem lay and how it effected my body. Its clear he is very passionate about what he does and that shows in his session
— Gary (Nov'17)

Anthony has changed the way I look at being treated and at my own body forever.
There is no quick fix / false promise here: he spent a full hour and a half assessing my body in motion, discovering layer after layer the compensations I had unknowingly developed over the years.
This allowed me to pin down the root of my pain and area of discomfort , where previous therapists would have been satisfied with massaging the sore area, which only provided a quick but temporary relief.

As a professional athlete, I now see him on a regular basis to make sure I can sustain my practice in the long run and maintain my body in optimal conditions.
— Vincent Vis - International Dance Teacher (Sept '17)

I have had pain in my Achilles since last year from a running injury, I have tried resting it, icing it and have even had a scan on it and nothing showed up and was told just to rest it and it will get better, I have tried every type of physio there is out there and haven’t had any relief at all, that’s until I finally copped and went to Anthony and even after the first session I had instant relief 😊 this man knows his stuff, I mean literally everything there is to know about pain and the workings of our complex body, so if your in pain this is the place you need to go to slap pain in the face and plus he is an absolute gent 😊
— Richie - Runner and Coach (Sept '17)

After going through what has now unfortunately become the norm of seeing Doctors, physio’s, getting an MRI and seeing a specialist consultant, I finally got to Anthony!
And finally I had a reason for my struggle with knee pain and more importantly a solution�.
I cannot put into words how knowledgable and amazing Anthony is when it’s comes the human body and it’s movement pattern, he has wonderful and unique skill.
EVERYONE in my opinion needs to pay him a visit
— Sinead - Midwife Extraordinaire (Aug '17)

I had heard great things about Anthony and he certainly didn’t disappoint! He has the rare ability to break down complex movement patterns and identify the root cause of your problem! I highly recommended Anthony and his movement based approach to physical therapy!
— David (Aug '17)

I haven’t been able to walk down hill without considerable pain in my knees for a very long time. After my first visit to Anthony, the next day I had a pain free walk downhill which was wonderful. So much so that I did it again the next day, further and steeper, still pain free. I’m so grateful to him as I now feel confident to start running again.
I am sixty one years old and I went to my appointment with Anthony with some trepidation as he had informed me that it would be two hours long. But the time flew by as he very courteously went through all aspects of my life in relation to physical injuries that could have affected the way I move now. He watched the way I moved, analysing each movement of all he different parts of my body. I went home with a video of Anthony performing the exercises that are tailor made for my particular problems. These are unlike any exercises that I have done before so it was valuable to have a visual reminder on how to do them. I cannot recommend Anthony highly enough and even though it might seem costly at first, what he achieved in the two hours makes it well worth it.
— Jonie - runner (July '17)

I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony on a recent training I took where I heard him and some of the other therapists talking about another training called Anatomy in Motion.. I was intrigued by their conversation and decided to book in with Anthony for a treatment.. I was blown away by his knowledge of the body and passion for movement and I am so grateful for all the guidance he is giving me in helping my body find centre.. I have been to many therapists over the years and have never come across anyone as interested in their clients story/ journey as Anthony is, leaving no stone unturned.. it is obvious that he lives by what he preaches and loves what he does..

After our first session, I was so blown away that I booked onto the upcoming AiM training in Dublin and can’t thank Anthony enough for his continuous support.. Anthony is a truly genuine Therapist, person and friend and highly recommend anyone looking to improve their movement, reduce pain in their body or become more aware of their body’s capabilities to book a session with him.. you will be blown away!!!
— Keri - Physical Therapist (March'17)

I’ve only had one session with Anthony and it was amazing - this guy has a gift. He scanned every inch of me and like a precision laser honed in on what was and wasn’t working for me. I was so impressed with how quickly he pinpointed what adjustments were needed and worked with me until I got it (which was a long time as my body and brain were a little resistant to change) - he even videoed the exercises so I could practice at home. He also did something truly transformational when working on some old scar tissue that totally opened me up to a range of motion I haven’t experienced in a long time. If you want someone who is knowledgeable and truly engaged in the process of healing, you won’t find better than Anthony!
— Caroline (Jan'17)

Went to Anthony’s when I had trouble with neck after deep massage. Had pain for couples of weeks. After visiting him once, I am now pain-free. Highly recommend him.
— Maeve - Chartered Accountant (Dec '16)

I’ve known Anthony Claffey for a while now, yet I still trusted him to work on me!
Jokes aside.
I’ve known him for some time now, helped him as he went through the Anatomy in Motion courses and attended the Zero Balancing course he recently hosted.
I went to him for a tune up prior to a huge physical event that I’m partaking in.
I went in simply for a “tune up”
After a chat he decided a session on the table was required combining the Zero Balancing with some Cranial work.
I’m relaxed, pain free, loose and ready.
Thanks mate, the challenge will be a whole lot easier thanks to you.
See you soon.
— Dave Hedges - Founding member of Wild Geese Fitness & one of Ireland's leading coaches (Nov '16)

I just want you to know that if all that was left of you was your little finger, you’d still be a better man than anyone I’ve ever met.” - Vesper Lynd ( Casino Royale).
This quote from one of my favourite movies sums up Anthony’s treatment. He has done more for my injuries and chronic pain with one finger than a number of other ‘physios’ managed with tens of hours of painful massage and manipulation.
I don’t believe in quick fixes. After 2 sessions of intense work and ‘rehab’ I am feeling far more fluid and comfortable in my body. These 2 sessions lasted over 4 hours in total and the work Anthony did was nothing close to a quick fix.
Restoring my hip alignment, getting me to use my big toe again after a broken ankle, opening up a blocked nasal passage from a broken cheekbone and improving my ability to retract my scapula. Anthony managed all of this in 2 sessions. I’m not sure other ‘physios’ would manage most of this across the span of their entire careers.
A big thanks to Anthony and I look forward to regular tune ups now that my chronic pain, which lasted for years, is gone.
— Jake - International Videographer (Sept '16)

Where do I begin.... I met Anthony just over a year ago. He has been a revolution to my training. He has opened my eyes so much, helped me move on from just lifting weights to actually focusing on my bodies movement patterns and injury prevention. He has filled me full of so many knowledge bombs to help with my handstand practice and fitness goals. I had really bad hip issues which are now completely gone. I went to Anthony with this issue and he performed some anatomy in motion techniques on me. I now move better and feel better. At my worst I was having to sleep on my wooden floor cause of the pain but thankfully Anthony was there on the other end of a phone to help me.
Forever grateful and can’t recommend him highly enough to anyone out there who is suffering like I did.
— Danny - Personal Trainer, Handbalancer & Movement Coach in Australia (Aug'16)

On the way out of my first visit I saw immediately improvements. I already felt taller, straighter and lighter. When I went to my car I had to adjust the mirror because it was far too low.
— Gerlinde (August '16)
Review of my Anatomy in Motion Consultation process.

I was so close to pulling out of ‪#‎toughmudder2016‬ in the weeks running up to it. The doctor told me I can only do walking and swimming and that’s it! She told me I have to live with this pain for the rest of my life. It really put me down, I left her office feeling so sad and upset until I met Anthony who changed my mindset so I thank him for that. As he says “no one should have to live in pain”. He helped me on my pain and has reduced it massively and I know that’s the help I need.
Now today I can proudly say....I DID IT! I did something that the doctor thought I could never do
— Brenda Quigg (July '16)

I simply cannot recommend Anthony any higher.
From an honest place I know full well that anyone I refer to Anthony is in a safe pair of hands with someone who has an uncanny ability to help people unravel their own layers, restrictions and injuries, someone who helps each person become more connected with their own body; the true path to healing.
Big picture thinking, a lazer sharp set of eyes, a passion to help people and the tools to do just that. If you’re about to get treated or have been elsewhere before but haven’t got to the root of your issues then make Anthony your next step forward
— Andy Myers - Founder of AM Fitness, Irelands Original Movement Studio (Aug '16)

Hi Anthony,
Thanks again for the session on NYE. I’ve been doing the exercises almost daily with a great impact. I’ve been running nonstop since the new year and just wanted to attach a photo of proof of success :-)These were my first half-marathons since 2013! Aiming for my first full marathon in June. I give full credit to your exercises for the fact that I am running again.
— Rory (April ' 16)

I first went to Anthony near enough to the end of tether with flat feet, previous knee problems and chronic peroneal tendon pain. Having previously tried custom moulded orthotics, strengthening exercises and static stretches I was pretty sceptical about AiM but decided it was my last option before going with surgery. Anthony communicated how the details of exactly how you are feeling are important in AiM. When you make the connection between body and mind and communicate every detail to an AiM practitioner like Anthony, a pattern is nearly always visible. And like many others my path to where I was with my tendon pain became clear. Anthony built a group of movements to waken up my entire kinetic chain but most dramatically, my foot arch. I would recommend Anthony to anybody who is suffering from a sports related or repetitive strain injury as more often than not AiM methods will root cause your pain. P.S I cancelled all plans for surgery!
— Sean (March '16)

I attended Anthony last week due to a recommendation from a mutual friend. I was in chronic pain and have been for many years. I’ve had pain injections, acupuncture, physio and daily taking pain killers and anti inflammatories. I have bought every gadget that promised relief all to no avail. I was constantly tired and felt very old. Since my appointment I have not taken any medication and have more energy. I was given a few excerises to do and find every day that I am getting better movement and feeling taller all thanks to Anthony. So anyone that is suffering from pain I would highly recommend a visit to Anthony.
— Marie, 53 and beginning to feel younger (Jan '16)
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