Pain & Movement Immersion

with Anthony Claffey & Keri Gaffney - June 23rd & 24th.



A 2 day workshop On

Understanding & Changing Pain, how it works and how it affects you both past and present. 

Self Care & Practical Use Of Our Bodies Movement Potential


We can't end pain, we need it!!  It's part of our survival and detection mechanism. Our pain experiences nowadays are more to do with stress and less about surviving in the wild. However it is possible to change our pain! HOW? That's exactly what we will cover this weekend. 

This workshop is about empowering you to get rid of unnecessary pain. By immersing yourself in this weekend you will be empowered to prioritise self care as first port of call.  


What’s involved:

  • 16 hours to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the human body.

  • Specific movement exploration practice to build awareness and identify areas under tension.

  • Full body integrated movement from the feet right up to the head and how changing pressures can release unknown bodily tension.

  • Rib rolling and breathing specific movement to improve rotation.

  • Guidance towards self care and building a resilient body.

  • Sleep & breathing hygiene.

  • Challenging self beliefs and the information around us.

  • Understanding of Pain, how it works, how we can change it and how there can be many contributing factors that can both affect our pain experience and influence it for the better.

  • Learn how to identify your own personal triggers.

  • Use of language and how to identify content to our own stresses and triggers.



Join us for a full weekend of movement immersion designed to teach you the foundations of exploring 3 dimensional movement of the human body. We have arranged guided check-ins, which are designed to wake up our proprioception, educating us and identifying possible missing movement pieces and allow us to explore the multiple interconnections within our movement system. In conjunction, there will be educational content with practical applications for us to understand and change our pain, identify our triggers and build confidence to empower us to take care of our bodies.

Who is it suitable for?

Aimed at every person with an interest in the human body, from people in chronic pain and not sure what to do or where to start, to those who already have a movement practice and would like to deepen their knowledge and understanding. The goal is to empower you with knowledge so that you can reclaim ownership and control over your own body and make sure it thrives.


What will you gain from the weekend?

  • Understand pain, how it works and how it affects you both past and present.

  • If experiencing pain you’ll know what to do and be empowered to prioritise Self Care as first port of call.

  • Promotion of self reliance, knowledge, exercise & movement as tool to use, so that we can start to question why we may rely on medication. 

  • Awareness of overall body movement, areas holding tension and tools to let go.

  • Tools to share with family and friends.


Location: Terenure, Dublin 6W.

Dates: 23rd and 24th of June

Instructors: Anthony Claffey and Keri Gaffney

Registration Fees: Early Bird €260.00 until May 27th and €295 thereafter.

*LIMITED 10 spaces available*

*No refunds after May 27th* 

Booking Enquiries: or

Registration: >>>

Instructors BIOs

Anthony Claffey


Anthony is a Pain & Movement Specialist who is fascinated by the ability of the human body to heal itself. Coming from a background of pain and avoiding kneeling for 14 years, he is more than aware of how lack of communication can affect a person's day to day life. With very short appointment times the current model in health care leaves no time for discussion or clarifying information. This poor level of communication leaves people jumping from pillar to post not knowing what to do. His goal is to change how information is communicated and shared in the Health Industry so that we promote self care empowering others to reduce unnecessary medication and avoidance of movement.



  • BSc in Applied Health Science & Physical Therapy

  • B.St.Su Trinity College Dublin

  • Anatomy in Motion

  • Nerve & Artery Mobilisation

  • Integrated Cranial

  • Zero Balancing Level 1

  • Personal Training

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Hand Balancing

  • Fundamentals of Human Movement


Keri Gaffney

With over 20 years experience in teaching movement, Keri has developed a passion for anatomy and body biomechanics.  Her experiences have taught her that the key to mental and physical fitness is through a strong and supple core, optimal postural alignment and healthy breathing techniques. Out of all of her training, the power of Anatomy in Motion, Pilates, Somatics, Feldenkrais and Yoga has impressed her the most and delivers the greatest holistic benefits.

Her classes pay particular attention to details, using simple cueing & instruction, while giving options of personal modifications to suit everyone’s needs. Keri’s passion for biomechanics and anatomy makes her class a true journey of body awareness.

As well as running The Pilates Room ( based in the Southside of Dublin, Keri runs a private clinic assisting clients using movement and educating them  towards pain free living and finding balance .


Keri is a fully qualified

  •     Neuromuscular Physical Therapist

  •     Sports Massage Therapist

  •     AiM - Anatomy in Motion

  •     N.A.S.M Corrective Exercise Specialist

  •     Certified Muscle Activation Tech. Jumpstart Practitioner

  •     Personal Trainer - Level 4

  •     Fitness Instructor (NCEHS)

  •     Dip. Pilates Matwork (Pilates Institute):

  •     Pilates Matwork Level 3 Instructor

  •     Pilates for Speacial Populations including:

  •     Pilates for  Pregnancy Instructor

  •     Pilates for Osteoporosis/Arthritis Instructor

  •     Pilates for Elderly Instructor

  •     Pilates and Small Equipment Instructor

  •     Pilates Reformer Instructor (Prog Pilates Acdmy):

  •     Reformer Level 2 Instructor

  •     Yoga Instructor RYS 200

  •     The Roll Model Method Therapy  Ball Practitioner

  •     Yoga Tune Up Teacher

  •     Hannah Somatics

  •     Massage therapy

  •     Dip. Nutrition (ITEC)

A small sample of discussions and movement we will have over the weekend. 

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