If you sit at a desk for long portions of the day, this is a very simple movement to instantly feel freer. 

Easy 1 minutes movement that can have your knees, hips and lower back all feeling nice and fluid. Great for confidence in your body too. 


A very easy way to let go of tension in your body and build confidence in your lower back. 

Links to 4 part video series with Gary Ward and Dr Chatterjee’s. 

If you have already seen and bought AiM wedges from me, I would highly recommend exploring these 4 movements using the wedges.

If you'd like to know how spending £9.99 could show you exactly how you hold yourself in your body and how it could be contributing to your problem? Gary Ward, creator of Anatomy in Motion is giving it all away for £9.99 Click here to purchase from Gary's website. 

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