Neck pain from a shifted pelvis?

A high percentage of people come to me with chronic and unresolved problems. A good thing they don't come for my drawings rather my attention to detail.

A female client in her 30's attended today with left shoulder and neck pain. A few days before the appointment I'd received the detailed health history form I send out to everyone prior to appointments. 

On assessment I drew the piece of art below. After video analysing of how she walked 2 things were clear. 1.) The left shoulder stayed adducted the whole time, it did not move from the side of her body. 2.) the head also stayed in the same position throughout the gait cycle. 

Starting the treatment with Anatomy in Motion we introduced movement in neck which started to free up and now moved when she walked.

As the session continued it was clear her left arm was still unsure whether it wanted to move nor did she want to shift her weight over to her right side. I don't blame her really, as you can see in the photo she's already there.  

The question is why? This is why history is so important. My health form asks questions going back as far as birth. I'm also very interested in current lifestyle. 

Knowing there was some previous head trauma, high stress levels and poor sleep I used some simple cranial work to relieve tension particularly the TMJ.

Following this, we continued using Anatomy in Motion where it was now possible to shift her weight, which meant we could get her spine to side bend and free her left arm from the side of her body. We then added additional movements for her left shoulder to stimulate more nourishment.  

For homework, 2 simple Anatomy in Motion exercises were given. 

She left with an upright posture, no neck pain and a shoulder that felt completely different. Details are important and why I offer 90 minute consultations to get to the root cause of problems. I'm looking forward to the 2nd session to dig deeper into how her body moves and to integrate some simple lifestyle changes that will aid with the long term results. 

If you have the same re-occurring problem and can't figure out why maybe it's time to look at the bigger picture. 


Anthony Claffey

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