Anthony is driven by the belief that anything is possible. Where some people may have written you off, or told you to live with it, he has an open door, where he intends to create a safe environment where your body can learn to heal itself through the experience of whole body movement, education and shift of perspective.


Hi I'm Anthony, I'm a Physical Therapist specialising in Pain, Neuroscience Education and Anatomy in Motion (AiM™). Having completed a BSc in Applied Health Science and Dip in Physical Therapy, I felt dissatisfied with the current educational model of health care, especially with regards to the treatment of those in pain. With short appointment times, the current model leaves no time for discussion and too often people are not being listened to. This poor level of communication leaves people jumping from pillar to post not knowing what to do or where to look. My goal is to change how information is communicated and shared so that we promote self care, empowering others to reduce unnecessary medication, fears and avoidance of movement.

We are working with human beings; it is not just a body, it is a person with a history, a life of experiences, values, beliefs, influences, expectations and perceptions, making each person quite unique. To truly create change we must engage in a process of development taking into account each individual as whole, a complete system. Coming from a background of pain, multiple knee operations and avoidance of kneeling for 14 years, I am more than aware how the 'system' can go out of harmony with itself. Luckily, I have a map that can help guide you back in the right direction.

What is my unique style of therapy

With this in mind, I provides a unique style of therapy. Firstly, dedicating time to each person, in a safe holistic environment where your body can learn to heal itself through the experience of whole body movement, education and shift of perspective. Therapists, students of AiM™, people with unresolved problems and those seeking change in their body have travelled across the country to attend my clinic. 

I am most known in Ireland for my involvement with Anatomy in Motion (AiM™). Anatomy in Motion is a ground breaking educational system developed by Gary Ward. Using AiM™ we can change how your body moves in a matter of minutes. AiM™ is a map that has laid out every single movement in the body and how one joint motion can influence the one next to it, kinda like having a map of a life sized human domino set. Past injuries and traumas will generally show up in your movement and can be observed in your walking gait. With this map we can identify how the body has compensated as a strategy to work around these traumas. When we give a person better choices for their movement, they move better, joints find better alignment, length-tension relationships of the muscles change, pain drops away and there is an overall freeness in the body. 

I combined my passion for interacting with people and love of the human body into a style of therapy that provides a space to take the time to go through your history and engage in a process that is not solely focused on a perceived 'negative' (pain) instead, creates a 'positive'. My consultations are 2 hours long, so together we can go through your history, engage in a treatment process using full body movement and work out a path to move forward restoring harmony. 


Prior to moving into the field of Physical Therapy, I completed a Bachelor Honors in Deaf Studies in Trinity College Dublin, specializing in Irish Sign Language/English Interpretation. In the process of becoming fluent in a visual language and being specially trained to actively listen to people, this allowed me to hone my skills as a communicator and proficiency at reading body language. Combing these skills with Anatomy in Motion (a map of how the body moves, in every joint, in 3 planes of motion) I have extremely trained eyes and ears to identify what the other person's body is saying in relation to their own history.    


  • BSc in Applied Health Science & (Dip) Physical Therapy

  • B.St.Su Honors Trinity College Dublin

  • Anatomy in Motion - Dublin 2015 & 2018

  • Anatomy in Motion - London 2015, 2016, 2017

  • Anatomy in Motion - Frankfurt 2017

  • Anatomy in Motion - Lisbon 2018

  • Nerve & Artery Mobilisation

  • Integrated Cranial

  • Zero Balancing Level 1 

  • Personal Training, Gymnastic Strength & Conditioning

  • Coaching internship with Andy Myers of The Movement Studio  

  • Fundamentals of Human Movement with Tony Riddle

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