Recommended Education about Pain


  1. Why Things Hurt - Lorimer Moseley
  2. Short intro - It's time to rethink Persistent Pain - Tame the Beast
  3. Jack's Story with Peter O'Sullivan
  4. The Myth of a Slipped Disc - Lorimer Moseley
  5. Lectures by Lorimer Moseley
  6. Disc's Don't Slip Dammit
  7. Pain Scientist David Butler answers questions about pain
  8. Learn about Danger & Safety in your body (DiM's & SiM's)
  9. Treating Pain Using the Brain - David Butler - excellent 1 hour lecture

websites and Blogs

  1. - Paul Ingraham - One of the best resources out there
  2. - Pain is Weird
  3. - Joletta Belton (patient’s perspective)
  5. Blog and Free download
  6. - Database that can direct you to any of your interests
  7. - Database of tonnes of lectures from leading pain science researchers
  8. Systematic literature review of imaging features of spinal degeneration in asymptomatic populations.

  10. The Ultimate Guide to Pain


  2. - Free
  3. Who Switched Off My Brain? Revised: Controlling Toxic Thoughts and Emotions
  4. The Body Has a Mind of Its Own
  6. 'Explain Pain' by Lorimer Moseley and David Butler

Additional Books:

'The Challenge of Pain' by Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall

'Therapeutic Neuroscience Education' by Adriaan Louw and Emilio Puentedura

'The Sensitive Nervous System' by David Butler

'At the Edge of Being: The Aporia of Pain' by Heather MacKenzie, John Quintner and Gillian Bendelow

‘Meanings of Pain’ ed Simon van Rysewyk

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